How To Do The Amazon Sex Position : Best Sex Position for Married Couples

Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon Sex Position is a top position of girl that originated from the Cowgirl. But when it comes to sex positions, this one is a little bit more complex and demanding.

This is because the guy should be lying on his back with his knees bent and legs pressed against his chest while the girl straddles him.

Difficulty Rating in Amazon Sex Position: 

If you are in the Amazon sex position, the rest will happen naturally in your body. However, the Amazon could be a little difficult and awkward considering guys are usually not as flexible as girls and here they have to do almost all the flexing.

Some of the sex positions, like doggy-style, cowgirl are pretty self-explanatory. Others, like the Amazon Sex Position, much less so. I have no idea who came up with the name, but if I were to venture a guess, it’s because the female partner is taking on a more traditionally dominant role, much like an Amazonian warrior.

How to Try the Amazon Sex Position

How to Try the Amazon Sex Position

The Amazon Sex Position is lying on his back with his knees bent, his thighs pressed against his chest and legs spread widely. The girl is on top of him, squatting over him or kneeling with her legs apart but her feet close together.

if you will make the position more intimate, you can lean slightly forward and hold his legs or put your hands on his chest to give yourself more support. In this case, man press his feet against your rear to have some control over your movements.

What is the Top Sex Position of Women?

The Amazon sex position is the top position of woman that a lot of people have never actually heard  about of these sex position. But it’s really fun position and better and definitely worth trying, especially if you like to take on a slightly dominant role in the bedroom.

During the sex to do the Amazon sex, your couple man need to lie down on his back and bring his legs and bend his knees. Then you need to squat down on your husband or boyfriend, while he pulls his legs close to his chest so that they are out of your way.

You just need to squat up and down to allow your husband to penetrate you. You will find that your husband will naturally push up and down you back upwards with his thighs.

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When you are performing this position during the sex with your husband or lover, you need to be the careful not to accidentally hurt your husband penis as it will be bending backwards quite a lot.

What is the Best Sex Position for Married Couples

Best Sex Position for Married Couples
Best Sex Position for Married Couples

There are many sex position categories in the world of Married couples, tries for the best position sex and take relaxation during the sex and getting more enjoy.

But the he Amazon sex position is the one of the best position for woman that many people have never heard about of these sex position and not will try. But my opinions is that this is the best position for young couples and married couples.

You can try this position with your wife in your marriage first night. i assure you will be enjoyed more with the Amazon sex position.

Bess Tips And Tricks of Amazon Sex Position

  • If squatting doesn’t seem like something you want to do, choose the kneeling variation and bring yourself down to your knees.
  • This will give you better support and more room for navigation, and it will feel much more intimate because you will be closer to his face.
  • Since you’ll be doing pretty much all the work in the Amazon, you can make your life somewhat easier if you lean on his thighs.
  • This way you can allow him to push you when you get tired, or you can learn a few tricks to stay longer up there.
  • Remember that the Amazon Sex Position is not an easy job and if you and your guy don’t know about this sex position so you well, it can turn into an awkward mess.
  • If you are comfortable with each other, then you will laugh it off even if it doesn’t go well on the first few tries.
  • when you are doing it first time then take things slow when because if you rush things, you may even hurt your partner.
  • During this position male penis will have to tilt slightly backward which is not a very natural position for him. move your body slowly slowly and make sure your bodies are in the right place before penetration.

What You’ll need for the Amazon Sex Position

  • You will need a willing male partner who know about the amazon
  • A pillow
  • Plenty of time
  • The ability to laugh at yourself!
  • Safe and comfortable environment

Create Comfortable Environment For Amazon Sex

Create Comfortable Environment For Amazon Sex

Trust is the greatest aphrodisiac. First of all Begin your love-making session with your partner’s comfortable and safe. No body can will come in your room when you start the sex with your couple. Not any type of noise near to the room, very gentle form of dominance and can introduce a power dynamic even before you get started.

First of all Ask your partner to lay down, using the pillow for lower back or hip support. open communication, give him time to get comfortable and ask if he needs anything. Try to approach it as an experiment, free of expectations. when your partner will be ready to the sex then you will be try other wise you can’t force her. Because if you are taking full enjoy with your partner so you will be the wait of your partner for the amazon sex position.

When your sex partner will be ready then begin your session with a sensual lingam massage or a teasing blowjob and wear her clothes slowly during the romance. Getting him fired up is the perfect way to transition into riding him. when your partner completely ready to take position so before taking position, you will request with your for sucking your penis, after tight your penis then you will make amazon sex position.

How to Find The Best Position For Mutual Pleasure

How to Find The Best Position For Mutual Pleasure

When you’ve both reached a delicious point of yearning, gently guide his legs up to his chest. If he’s inflexible, this could be challenging, so keep checking in with him. Using the pillow to raise or lower his hips can ease the pressure on his hamstrings. It can also be used to tilt his pelvis towards you for easier penetration.

Channeling your Amazonian warrior, bring your knees to rest on the bed either side of his hips. Gently lower yourself onto his thighs. Even without taking him into you, this puts you in a position of power and dominance. Feel into his vulnerability and openness and honor his gift of trust.

Push Slowly And Gently Attempt With Your Partner

Slowly push your partner into you and rest yourself on his legs. At whatever pace you desire, move up and down slowly slowly, or back and forth. Maintaining eye contact during the movement of sex because this is a powerful way to express subtle dominance while connecting you in a soulful and sexy union.

Be Attentive to Your Body:

Be Attentive to Your Body

The best lovers are those who meet the needs of their partner. How does he respond to your actions? If you can’t find a comfortable position for both of you, there’s no shame in trying something else instead you can try one more time.

Before, during and after your sexual union to be sure to maintain safety and trust . Agree on a safe word beforehand, and give gentle aftercare. It could help to read up on these concepts before you begin.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment with Your Partner

Sometimes the Amazon sex position may work better for you. Squatting, instead of kneeling, allows for more control over your movements and don’t be try to the quickly romance. If you find yourself slipping on her thighs, use a pillow to bend her pelvis for a stable seat.

Many times the reverse amazon sex position has you facing away from your partner. Your man will get a great view of your booty, and also an intimate look at his cock comes in and out of you. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

The reclining of amazon sex position works with your lover bending his knees, keeping his feet flat on the bed. Lie on his head, with his back on his stomach, allowing him to enter you from behind. This position is very good for full-body contact is allow to you and your partner to explore your body with his hands.

The Amazon Is An Equal-Opportunity Sex Position

Amazing sex position

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Amazing sex position is very versatile which is very much to use for anybody. The same position is very good for two women with the help of bandage. The reverse amazon is a unique position for anal sex for the two men’s.

When I first time brought the Amazon sex position to my partner, you wouldn’t believe how eager he was to try it. I love a guy who’s up for experimenting and there’s something incredibly and special sexy about dominating a man.

If your goal is to be an incredible sex with your lover, this is the perfect way to discover untapped sides of your sexuality and enter a new world of pleasure.

Pros And Cons Of The Amazon Sex Position

If you prefer to be in charge of the bedroom, this will be a very useful place. You are controlling both the tempo and the penetration depth, which means you are holding all the cards.

But there’s a downside to it. Since you’ll be doing all the work and be in a challenging position yourself, you will probably get tired after a short while. Women often complain of pain in the Amazon and can’t do it for very long.

Another cool thing about this Amazon Sex position is that it doesn’t allow your partner to go too deep, so it’s perfect for young married couples where the guy is well endowed. You will avoid any pain and discomfort while still getting just enough stimulation.

Variations Of The Amazon Sex Position:

Kneeling Amazon. As we have already said, a simpler and more comfortable change of position is the knee-jerk Amazon sex position.

Just get on your knees so you can use your whole body to move, but be careful not to slip and hurt.

Reverse Amazon sex position may seem like it’s even harder, but it’s actually much easier to do. Your man should be in the same position, but you should face him with your back and practically sit on his thighs.

All your weight will be on your feet, but it will help lift you down.

Brut – likes the idea but doesn’t really like to dominate? No problem, you can always try the Brett Sex position, which is just like the reverse Amazon with the opposite characters.

Who is the Best Position for Amazon Sex Position?

it’s very easy. Amazon is one of the perfect sex positions for dominant sex girls and submissive boys.

You’re in control of the situation, you’re hard at work, you just have to get in position and watch your two magic.

Dare To Try It?

If you are not too daring in bed, you can just choose to have a classic cowgirl or try some classic sex positions for dominant girls.

In fact, many couples do not dare to try Amazon.

But if you like to dominate and you face a challenge, this position will open up new horizons for you.

It gives you complete control over your man, and it’s so much better to push you so deep that you can’t go that deep.

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