In the afternoon, the level of hormones that produce sex stimulation in women increases rapidly. Sex is fun, it should not be routine. Many times due to tiredness and no time, you do not have the mood to have sex in the day. In such a situation, you can enjoy it at night. Well, many people think that night time is better for sex and they make it a routine. 

Sex should be avoided for routine, only then it is more fun. Most people feel exhausted after coming back from work, due to which they fall asleep immediately. Such people can enjoy sex during the week to keep fresh in their relationship. Not only this, you can enjoy sex relations even before you leave for work.

Apart from this, you can have sex relations soon after coming back from work. Obviously, when you finish your work and reach home, your partner is preparing for dinner. In such a situation, you go to the kitchen and grab it from behind and start from the kissing and take this action to the extreme.  Must Read: Women are at increased risk of lung cancer, know what new research

Kiss her on your waist and neck with your hot breaths. Apart from this, you can start it with some sex to make your partner’s mood. You can do all this at any time of the day, especially during weekends, because during this time you are together for a long time. Must Read Use These Things Before Exercising, Your Health Will Become Healthy

According to a study published in the Daily Mail, the correct time to have sex relations is at three in the evening. At this time, the production of cortisol hormone is higher in women, which makes them more excited. 

Not only this, but the level of testosterone hormone also increases in mid-morning. These hormones are helpful in enhancing sex stimulation as well as performance. Therefore, this time is better for sex. Apart from the bedroom, you can also use the kitchen and couch to enjoy sex more.

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