The Perfect Human Diet: Due to factors such as an aging population, bad living habits, environmental pollution, and low cure rates by traditional means, China has become a major country with cancer incidence and death. According to statistics from the National Cancer Registration Center, in 2015 alone, there were 4.912 million new cases of cancer in China and 2.8142 million deaths. In 2015, there were 14.1 million new cancer cases worldwide, and 8.2 million people died of cancer.

Everyone’s lifetime cancer incidence rate is more than 30%! Today, more than 10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day in China. This is equivalent to 7 people getting cancer every minute! The incidence of cancer increases rapidly after the age of 40 and reaches its peak at the age of 80.

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Unreasonable diet, bad mentality, inactivity, smoking and drinking, irregular physical examination, and staying up late are all important factors that contribute to the formation of cancer.

In the face of cancer, we must do early detection and early treatment! Cancer is not terrible, the key lies in early prevention! Preventive measures! Today we will focus on reasonable meals!

The Perfect Human Diet Structure: One Meat, One Vegetarian, One Mushroom

the Perfect Human Diet

The edible fungus is a green food for nutrition and health care. It is delicious and has a unique dietary health care function. It is rich in protein and amino acids have anti-cancer and anti-aging effects and can improve the body’s immune ability. Americans call mushrooms “God’s food” and Japanese call it “the pinnacle of plant foods”, so edible mushrooms have the reputation of “king of vegetables”, “vegetarian crown” and “medicine treasures”.

the Perfect Human Diet

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization once proposed that “The Perfect Human Diet structure for human beings is” one meat, one vegetarian and one mushroom.

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Here, it is strongly recommended that you usually eat edible mushrooms! Because edible mushrooms are really good!

People are more familiar with the nutritional value and medicinal value of edible fungi such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, Hieracium Erinaceus, black fungus, and white fungus.

Modern medical research shows that the polysaccharides in edible fungi have an immune function and can inhibit the proliferation of human cancer cells.

Structure of the Perfect Human Diet: One Meat and one Mushroom 2020

Edible Fungus: Strangling Cancer Virus in the “Sprouting State”

The anti-cancer effect of edible fungi mainly comes from polysaccharides in edible fungi. Although these compounds have no direct killing effect on tumor cells, they can stimulate the formation of antibodies and improve and adjust the internal defense capabilities of the body.

The Perfect Human Diet: The fungal polysaccharide mainly comes from its cell wall and is a kind of to glucan. It is a high molecular polysaccharide compound composed of many monosaccharide molecules connected by glycosidic chains.

Its subtlety is to stimulate the formation of antibodies, thereby improving and adjusting the active defenses inside the human body. The system, that is, the function of “supporting and strengthening the roots”. The academic report of traditional Chinese medicine in treating tumors with Fuzheng Guben has attracted extensive attention.

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the Perfect Human Diet

The Perfect Human Diet: There may be some abnormal cells in the new cells synthesized by a person every day. If they are not eliminated in time, they may develop into cancer cells. The body’s immune system is responsible for monitoring and destroying abnormal cells.

If the body’s immune function is damaged, it will not be able to perform the monitoring task well, and the cancer cells will develop into tumors. It is also found clinically that the immune function of tumor patients generally declines to vary degrees. People with immunodeficiency have a much higher incidence of cancer than normal people.

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The role of fungal polysaccharides is to enhance the role of the reticular endothelial system in phagocytosis of cancer cells, The Perfect Human Diet promote lymphocyte transformation, activate T cells and B cells, and promote antibody formation. Therefore, it is considered to be The Perfect Human Diet and best immune promoter in the world.

the Perfect Human Diet

The Perfect Human Diet: In addition, it can reduce the incidence of tumors and have a synergistic effect on a variety of chemical drugs. Oncologists also believe that edible fungus, as an immunologic drug, has greater clinical significance for leukemias and lymphomas that can be widely transferred to surgery and radiotherapy, which are greatly restricted.

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The Perfect Human Diet: During the treatment period of cancer patients, eating more mushrooms can not only enhance nutrition but also adjust the visceral function, providing patients with a material basis to fight against the disease; people with low immune function, usually eat mushrooms, also help Anti-cancer.

Recently, the fungal polysaccharides that have been developed include Lentinan, Tremella polysaccharides, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, Hericium Erinaceus polysaccharides, and Poria polysaccharides. Of course, eating more edible fungi in your daily diet is of great benefit to adjusting your life, promoting health, and preventing cancer.

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